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The diversity of Exner Automation's project history is what attracts our customers.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what keeps them coming back.  Exner Automation's broad spectrum of expertise means an inclusive knowledgebase of integration techniques from every industry.



The beverage industry has a heavy emphasis on speed, reliability, and accurate process control.  When your plant is pushing several million units per day, down-time is simply unacceptable.  Even the slightest hiccup in speed can mean disaster.  Exner Automation can work with you to provide new or custom machinery, or simply perfect your existing system's performance.



Material handling projects are expected to be both cost-effective and low-maintenance.  The idea, after all, is to increase overall throughput and reduce the cost of manual labor.  Poorly integrated system components, or sub-par programming concepts can instantly kill production and tie up your maintenance department.  As plants throughout the world can tell you, our concepts are the best.  We've incorporated input from customers and service technicians into our original design, thereby eliminating most potential problems before they even surface.



Pharmaceutical facilities demand extreme accuracy, with well-documented machinery that must be easy to sterilize and impervious to corrosion.  This industry faces immense liability to ensure their product is delivered uncontaminated and protected from the elements.  From Suwannee to Singapore, Exner Automation has helped pharmaceutical companies do exactly that...integrating peripherals that meet or exceed specification with reliable software algorithms that keep product flow running smoothly.

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